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Looking for drying space? 

Our 15k sf. indoor drying facility is setup for drying and curing Oregon's best Hemp.  Our drying process allows for timely dried plants.  We work directly with you to understand how to best serve your drying needs.  Whether your end product will be used for flower or for biomass we have you covered.



Looking for reliable trimming services?

 We offer services like bucking flower, machine trimming and hand trimming all at our facility.  These services allow us to reduce overall expenses for our customers and leave you time to focus on sales.  Our team will guide you through the options so that you choose which process is best for your product.

Storage & Packaging


Looking for storage space?

Our facility will correctly store and cure your hemp until your orders are ready to be procured.  We have the ability to store hemp in the optimal conditions ready for packaging.  Don't waste time transporting your product.  Leave it to us to secure your products safely.

Ancillary Services


Field Harvest and Transportation

Don't have a crew to harvest or transportation?

Our team can cut your field down in no time.  We offer harvesting and transportation to our facility.  This will ensure that your plants are correctly cared for from the field to our drying facility.  


Organic Growing Consulting

Need advice about unhealthy plants?

Our Organic Consultant has been servicing the West Coast and a variety of crops including hemp for over a decade.  His expertise is in Organic switchovers and plant/soil biology.  If you are looking for someone to bounce ideas off of or looking for new products we have the guy.

Our Team



Justin has been serving the Cannabis and Hemp Industry for 9 years.  His experience ranges from large farm cultivation and processing to Sales and Marketing on a National scale.  He comes to the team with plenty of knowledge and contacts within the West Coast Industry.

The Crew


Our crew of 10+ laborers have helped us conquer any size farm.  We have the people and pride of the Willamette Valley working with us.  Their skills range from cutting fields down, hang drying, trimming, and mechanical expertise to ensure we never stop running.

Organic Consultant


We work directly with a well-known Large Ag Organic expert who can help you exceed your goals on the Hemp farm.  We've found that most of our clients enjoy working with a consultant who works with a variety of crops, reps Organic products, and does plant tissue testing.

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Please feel free to contact our staff directly with any questions, comments, or scheduling inquiries you may have regarding our hemp services.

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